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How can contract disputes lead to business litigation?

Contracts form the basis of many business relationships. It is often the case that a Florida entity will require that a potential business associate enter into an agreement that outlines the entity's needs and expectations before it will engage in business services with it. Contracts are legally enforceable tools that provide business entities with means of establishing exactly what the parties agree to do with regard to their association and often also include provisions that explain what penalties the parties may face if they breach the terms of their contracts.

For example, a business may want to purchase goods from another company. In creating a contract the initial business may offer to buy a specified quantity, such as 100 of the goods from the second company in exchange for a payment of $10 per item or $1,000 for all 100. If the second company agrees to those terms a contract may be made between the two corporate entities.

Permits can be a means of avoiding future building conflicts

Once a Florida resident decides that they want to build their own home or business space it can be difficult to slow down and fully understand the many requirements that must be met before a structure can be erected. Putting up a new edifice can be exciting and nothing may seem more boring than reviewing the mandatory permit and zoning regulations that dictate how buildings must be constructed and where they must be situated. However, it is in the interest of all parties who plan to put up new construction projects to take the time before their projects are underway to become knowledgeable about these and other important real estate rules.

Past posts on this blog have discussed zoning and how communities are laid out to ensure that similar types of construction are grouped together. Put simply, residential structures tend to be built near other residential structures, businesses get grouped with other businesses and industrial and agricultural enterprises find themselves separated from other kinds of entities.

Attention to detail is key to vehicle accident litigation success

Car accidents can happen to anyone practically anytime that they are out on Florida's many roads and highways. A driver's failure to yield, failure to check their blind spot, failure to brake in time and many other failures of proper driving conduct can result in dangerous and sometimes fatal vehicle collisions. After an automobile crash a victim may feel helpless to seek the compensation they need to pay for their accident associated medical bills, replace their lost wages and repair the property that was damaged when a negligent driver set their life into a damaging spiral.

However, as the victim of a car accident a Florida resident has rights. Under tort theories of law victims can often successfully plead negligence-based claims that prove the fault of other drivers and get them to the damages they deserve. The types of claims that a victim may allege and the forms of damages they may receive will differ, though, depending upon the facts of their unique cases.

Avoid the financial ramifications of a breach of contract

Business contracts are part of the foundation of business success, and it can have a negative domino-like effect on your company when the other party violates the terms of an agreement. As the offended party, you do not have to accept breach of contract issues as simply part of the price you pay for doing business; you can fight back.

In many cases, a breach of contract can actually have serious financial ramifications. This could be detrimental to your Florida business and your success, and you have the right to seek fair compensation from the offending parties. Navigating this complex facet of business litigation is not easy, and you would be wise to secure the guidance of an experienced ally.

Ridesharing company Uber hit with multi-million dollar lawsuit

Companies of every size and type engage in contractual relationships to keep their entities moving forward and competitive in their particular markets. One large organization that has had an incredible impact on the lives of people throughout Florida and the rest of the nation is Uber. Uber is a ridesharing entity that connects individuals in need of rides with drivers through an online app.

Uber has contracted with mobile advertising companies to spread the name of their brand and to increase its business throughout the world. Unfortunately, Uber recently filed a lawsuit against one such organization, Fetch Media Ltd., because Uber believed that Fetch misrepresented its potential effectiveness and that Fetch did not do enough to stop advertisement fraud from occurring.

Drunk driving accidents are a big issue in Florida

Law enforcement officials throughout the state of Florida take many proactive steps to keep drunk drivers off of the roads. They patrol for affected drivers and set up sobriety checkpoints to look for individuals who may be too intoxicated to operate their motor vehicles. They run anti-drunk driving campaigns to educate Floridians on the dangers of driving while under the influence and enforce the state's drunk driving laws to deter individuals from getting behind the wheel when inebriated.

These steps, though, are not enough to keep all Florida residents safe from the dangerous actions of intoxicated drivers. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 8,400 people were killed in the state from drunk driver crashes between 2003 and 2012. This alarmingly high figure is supported by the state's higher than average instance of drivers reporting that they have driven when they were probably too intoxicated to safely do so and the state's rate of death per demographic age group exceeding all national averages of similar data.

Bad faith leads to denied insurance claims and policy holder harm

In the last few weeks Americans have watched as Hurricane Harvey ripped through the Gulf of Mexico and slammed communities throughout Texas. Florida residents are all too familiar with the devastation that hurricanes can cause and the terrible challenges that accompany the rebuilding process in the wake of utter and complete loss. One saving grace for individuals who live through natural disasters such as Harvey is their insurance. Insurance policies can provide victims of disasters with the financial support they need to rebuild their lives and move forward.

However, in times of trial some insurance companies do little to support the customers who have willingly paid their premiums and maintained their insurance accounts. Individuals affected by floods, fires and other major disasters have had to wait as their insurance companies drag their feet to send out assessors and evaluate how much money they will be able to provide for their customers to start over. Others may approve insurance claims only to delay payments on those approvals, leaving struggling customers in limbo as they wait for their insurance checks to come through.

Our attorneys are here for you after a vehicle accident

No one expects to get into a car accident but an alarming number of crashes, collisions and incidents occur on the streets and freeways of West Palm Beach. Every time an accident occurs, individuals' lives are thrown into upheaval as they struggle to manage the influx of work that they must do in order to get their lives back on track. When they suffer injuries in their crashes it can be even more challenging to put their accidents behind them and move their lives forward.

Victims of car accidents may have a variety of experiences following their crashes. They may be contacted by insurance companies that want information and releases from liability for their clients who caused the victims' harm. They may lose time from work and see their bills mount as their accident-related medical treatments become more costly.

Why can't I build my business in a residential part of town?

Readers of this Florida business blog may notice that similar types of establishments are built together in certain locations throughout their communities. Homes tend to be built near other homes, stores and retail outlets near shops of similar stature, and industrial and agricultural facilities together in their own parts of town. This organization of similar structures is due in large part to local rules that govern zoning.

Zoning is municipal scheme that establishes where certain enterprises may be located in a community. It helps keep neighborhoods free from retail traffic and parking problems and keeps dangerous manufacturing plants out of retail centers. Zoning is based on the needs of the community to support the residential and commercial communities that operate therein.

Tiger Woods avoids jail with deal on DUI

One of Florida's most famous residents lives just a few miles north of West Palm Beach. In May, Tiger Woods was arrested for driving while under the influence and for reckless driving near him Jupiter home.

His friends, family and fans hope the golf legend has learned a valuable lesson from the arrest. No one was hurt in the incident in May, but we all know that drunken driving can result in accidents, injuries and fatalities in the blink of an eye.


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