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Broker wins lawsuit over commission on power plant deal

In even a relatively straightforward real estate transaction, the buyer and seller are far from the only people involved. There are real estate agents, bankers and others, all helping to make the deal go smoothly, and, not coincidentally, take a chunk of the proceeds. In larger real estate transactions, there are many parties involved, all with large stakes in the sale. With these more complex financial ties come more complex legal ties.

Recently, a South Florida real estate broker won a lawsuit against Florida Power & Light over what he said was his part in a $75 million deal. He stands to recover $1.5 million.

Is there a single reason you're being singled out at work?

Are you one of many Florida workers suffering stress because of the way people at work treat you? If you survey workers throughout the state (the nation, even) you likely would find no shortage of stories involving various types of discriminatory behaviors in the workplace. Determining whether your particular situation (as uncomfortable as it may be) is also a legal problem can be challenging. There specific laws governing workplace discrimination, most of which have something to do with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

In order to consider particular treatment unlawful, it must meet the legal definition of discrimination in the workplace; typically, the official definition involves behavior enacted against someone because of a specific characteristic, or against someone in a protected category.

Woes within Uber could lead to its downfall

Millions of Americans throughout the United States, including many from West Palm Beach and the surrounding area, are familiar with Uber. Uber is an app that allows self-employed independent contractors to log in to their app and accept ride requests from nearby riders in need of a lift. The app utilizes GPS technology to partner up nearby drivers with riders in need of a lift. While this concept sounds great in theory, the company is not doing as well as people might expect. A lot of that has to do with internal turmoil, including a very serious intellectual property suit against them.

According to many industry experts, the ultimate goal of Uber, as well as rival companies such as Lyft, are to take advantage of state of the art technology and utilize what may become a driverless car world. Uber has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into researching driverless cars, including the purchase of a company called Otto, which had been researching such technology.

How distracted driving affects those on the roads

The popularity of smartphones can be seen throughout the United States. If you are sitting in a bus or at a café, look around and notice the dozens of people with their eyes fixated on their phones and tablets. While this technology is undoubtedly embraced by many Americans, it has also led to a substantial increase in accidents on the roads.

Smartphone use is especially popular among teenagers and younger adults who use their phones to stay in touch with social media on apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Many of these programs encourage what has been known as the "selfie" or picture-taking of oneself. While this is harmless in most situations, a scary trend throughout the U.S. is taking a selfie while driving. As one might expect, this can be incredibly dangerous and even deadly.

The relationship between credit and homeowners insurance

While some might not realize it, homeowners insurance and credit can be very interconnected here in the United States.

For one, a person’s credit history could impact what they end up paying for homeowners insurance. This is because credit history is one of the things insurers might look into when determining a person’s homeowners insurance rate.

Are crash reports falling short in the information they contain?

Crash reports can play an important role in many contexts here in the United States.

For one, these reports are sometimes turned to in efforts to gauge what trends are occurring when it comes to traffic safety and motor vehicle accidents. Understanding what trends are happening out on the roads can be important in efforts to try to improve traffic safety.

Will the PIP system soon be a thing of the past in Florida?

Florida’s auto insurance laws can have big impacts on the state’s drivers. For one, they dictate what insurance coverage drivers are required to have. Also, they can impact what sorts of insurance issues come up for drivers when they end up getting hurt in a car accident.

Florida is currently considering making some major changes to its auto insurance laws.

Never simply shake on it in the construction business!

Gone are the days when two Florida business owners could have a little chat over a cup of coffee, then part ways with a smile and a handshake and a solid deal, with nothing in writing. Nowadays, many business owners find themselves in the throes of embittered disputes with no leg to stand on in court because they never put anything in writing. It's not that verbal agreements are not binding; they may well be. However, they're also notoriously difficult to prove in court.

Therefore, there are certain steps business owners can take to prevent construction litigation issues down the line when entering an agreement with one or more parties. Contracts are basic, integral components in many business transactions. Clarifying the law ahead of time, careful review before signing and several other ideas can help you secure a solid agreement and avoid disputes.

When potentially business-ending problems come up

Challenges and problems come up for any sort of small business. However, such troubles can vary quite a bit in degree. Some are just an everyday part of business and may not have too big of implications for a company as long as they are addressed property. Others, however, can be very serious, potentially even putting a small business at risk of no longer being able to stay open.

Examples of problems that have the potential to be fatal to a small business include:

  • High employee turnover.
  • Having grown too fast.
  • Significant drops in sales.
  • The market for the product or service it provides drying up.
  • Not being able to keep up with bills.
  • A big company moving in on the business’ particular market.
  • The business constantly being in a state of crisis.

Knowing your options can be important with auto insurance

Individuals can have many different options regarding auto insurance. This includes a wide range of options when it comes to what insurance provider to have a policy with. Auto insurance providers can vary in many things, including in what rate they would charge a given individual. For example, providers can differ quite a bit in what sort of rate discounts they make available. What auto insurance rate a person has can have significant financial ramifications over time.

So, an individual may find it beneficial to stay aware of what options are out there for them when it comes to auto insurance rates through price shopping.


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