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Driving rules set by parents and teen driver behavior

There are many decisions for parents to make when their teen starts driving. One is what sorts of rules to put in place for their teen in regards to driving.

One question some might have is: do what driving safety rules parents have for teen drivers matter? Parents may sometimes feel like their teens don't listen to them and don't pay much attention to the rules they set. Such feelings may cause a parent to think that what driving rules they set for their teens won't have much of an impact.

However, what rules parents provide their teen with can actually have a significant influence on teen driving behavior. This is something that a recent survey points to. The survey was of hundreds of teens and their parents.

The survey found that, among teen drivers, having established safe driving rules/agreements in their family was associated with a significantly lower likelihood of a range of different dangerous behind-the-wheel behaviors. Drinking and driving, texting and driving, not wearing a seatbelt and speeding were among the behaviors the teens who had safe driving agreements/rules established with/by their family showed a lower likelihood of engaging in.

This underscores the important role safe driving rules from their parents can hold for young drivers. So, such agreements/rules are something parents may want to give careful and close thought to when their kids are approaching driving age.

This serves as a reminder that a parent's words and actions can have significant implications on how their teens act when driving.

Of course, there is a limit to how much a parent can protect their child's safety out on the roads. While parents can do a range of things to promote safe driving habits among their kids, they can't control or influence how other drivers out on the roads act.

When their teen gets hurt because another driver acted unsafely, a parent may want to consider meeting with an attorney experienced in personal injury and litigation matters to discuss what legal recourse may be available in relation to the harm their teen has suffered.

Source: WILX, "New survey finds parents can play major role in making sure teens drive safely," May 16, 2016

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