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What highways are the U.S.’s deadliest?

For many drivers, their everyday car travel involves travel on highways. These roads can see quite a bit of traffic and activity. Sadly, they also are sometimes the site of fatal accidents.

Which highways here in the United States see the most traffic deaths? A recent study looked into this. In determining which highways were the deadliest, the study looked at federal traffic fatality data from 2014.

The two highways that the study found to be the most deadly are actually both ones that have a presence here in Florida.

The study determined Interstate 10 to be the deadliest highway, with 278 deaths occurring on it in 2014.

The highway found to have the second highest death total is one that individuals here in the West Palm Beach area are likely quite familiar with: Interstate 95. The death total for this road in 2014 was 204.

Why do you think these two highways lead the nation when it comes to highway deaths? What stretches of highway do you think are the most dangerous here in Florida?

Whatever highway a person is driving on, it is key for them to be vigilant in keeping their driving actions responsible and safe. Mistakes made on such roads can have very big repercussions. As the above discussion underscores, mishaps on highways can turn deadly. When a person ends up losing their life out on a highway because another driver was negligent, skilled attorneys can help the deceased’s family with navigating legal matters arising from the tragedy, such as possible wrongful death claims.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Florida home to America's two deadliest highways, study says,” June 26, 2016

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