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When tractor-trailers park illegally

Lots of things regarding tractor-trailers can have big traffic safety impacts. This includes where and how such vehicles are parked. A tractor-trailer could create traffic safety risks when parked in certain locations.

Among these locations are the shoulders of highways and the shoulders of highway on/off ramps. Due to the large size of this type of vehicle, when a tractor-trailer is parked in such locations, parts of the vehicle could be close to or actually sticking out into the roadway. This could create risks of other vehicles making contact with the tractor-trailer, which could have deadly consequences. It could be particularly dangerous when conditions are such that the tractor-trailer is difficult to see.

This is why there are certain rules regarding tractor-trailers pulling over on highways here in Florida. Among these rules are that such vehicles are not allowed to be parked on a shoulder for more than 10 minutes unless proper warning devices are used.

Unfortunately, truck drivers don’t always follow these rules. A recent investigation done by CBS12 suggests that it is rather common in this region of Florida for trucks to be illegally parked on the shoulder. The investigation went for three hours and covered a stretch going from Riviera Beach down to Delray Beach. During this investigation, cameras spotted multiple instances of trucks pulling over and not putting out traffic cones or triangles.

Why do you think illegal truck parking is so common?

So, when a traffic accident occurs involving a parked tractor-trailer, one important thing to look into is whether the tractor-trailer was parked legally. Skilled personal injury attorneys can assist individuals harmed in these kinds of crashes with looking into the accident and with navigating compensation matters.

Source: CBS12, “Trucks illegally parked lead to deadly crashes,” Michael Buczyner, Sept. 6, 2016

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