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Does homeowners insurance cover downed tree costs?

When severe weather hits an area here in Florida, it can cause a lot of damage on the property of area homeowners. For example, storms involving wind can take down trees on a property. The costs a Florida homeowner could face in relation to trees downed in storms, such as the expenses of removing them and repairing structures damaged by them, could get quite high. Will such costs be covered by a person’s homeowners insurance?

The answer depends on a variety of things, including where the tree fell.

If the tree fell away from structures on the property, removal of the tree generally will not be covered by insurance.

If, however, the tree fell onto an insured structure on the property, tree removal may in fact be covered. Damage caused to the structure and things in it also typically will be covered.

As a note, these are just some general principles, what specifically would or would not be covered in the event of a storm-related downed tree for a given homeowner depends on the specific terms their particular homeowners insurance policy.

As this illustrates, a lot of little details can impact whether a given type of damage that occurred on a person’s property would be covered by their homeowners insurance.

Little details can also play a big role in whether an insurance company’s denial of a homeowners insurance claim, such as denial of a downed tree claim, is within the rules or is unfair and grounds for legal action. So, a homeowner who has had a claim denied may be unclear on what their particular legal situation is. Attorneys skilled in matters involving insurance law can look into an insurance denial for a homeowner to see if there are any signs that the denial may have been wrongful.

Source: Insurance Information Institute, “Trees and Insurance,” Accessed Oct. 21, 2016

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