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Building up a business’ reputation in the community

When it comes to their business’ reputation, there are many things a business owner may want it to reflect. Some owners want their company to be a positive force in the community where it is located. So, how their business is viewed in its local community is something some business owners may care about deeply.

There are many things that can impact a business’ reputation in the community it is located in. One is how it handles legal issues or disputes that arise in connection to the company that could touch on the community. This can include issues/disputes involving local workers, other local companies, local government agencies or local customers. Among the things a business owner may want to talk over with an attorney when such matters come up are: how the matter could impact the community, how the matter could impact the business’ reputation within the community and what strategies for handling the matter would best match their overall goals regarding things like their business’ role and reputation in the community.

Another thing that can impact a community’s view of a business is the business’ level of involvement in the community. Businesses can make a big impact in their communities through involvement. There are a variety of ways that businesses can get involved in their community, including:

  • Donating to local charities.
  • Offering scholarships to community students.
  • Volunteering for good causes in the community.
  • Hosting community events.
  • Hiring local.

What other ways do you think are good ways for businesses to get involved in the community?

Source: Entrepreneur, “5 Ways Small Businesses Can Endear Themselves to the Community,” Lanre Onibalusi, Dec. 9, 2016

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