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Knowing your options can be important with auto insurance

Individuals can have many different options regarding auto insurance. This includes a wide range of options when it comes to what insurance provider to have a policy with. Auto insurance providers can vary in many things, including in what rate they would charge a given individual. For example, providers can differ quite a bit in what sort of rate discounts they make available. What auto insurance rate a person has can have significant financial ramifications over time.

So, an individual may find it beneficial to stay aware of what options are out there for them when it comes to auto insurance rates through price shopping.

A recent study indicates, however, that quite a few people here in the U.S. don’t engage in such price shopping. The study found that shopping for a better auto insurance rate is something 39 percent of Americans have never done. Why do you think auto insurance price shopping isn’t more common?

Another situation in which knowing one’s options can be very important is when one has had an auto insurance claim denied. Specifically, understanding what avenues for legal recourse one might have can be critical in such a situation. Being unaware of one’s options in the face of such a denial could lead to a person inadvertently responding to the situation in a way that isn’t consistent with their best interests. So, in the wake of having an auto insurance claim denied, a person may want to meet with a skilled insurance lawyer to go over the circumstances of the denial and their options.

Source: Newsday, “Survey: 39% never shop for a better rate on auto insurance,” Sheryl Nance-Nash, Feb. 26, 2017

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