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Will the PIP system soon be a thing of the past in Florida?

Florida’s auto insurance laws can have big impacts on the state’s drivers. For one, they dictate what insurance coverage drivers are required to have. Also, they can impact what sorts of insurance issues come up for drivers when they end up getting hurt in a car accident.

Florida is currently considering making some major changes to its auto insurance laws.

Under current Florida law, drivers are not required to get bodily-injury coverage. Rather, Florida law requires drivers to get personal-injury protection (PIP) coverage. This is a type of no-fault insurance for covering medical bills coming out of a traffic crash. Under current laws, drivers are to carry a minimum of $10,000 of such coverage.

The PIP system has come under criticism in recent years, with some claiming it is outdated and is no longer well-suited for the modern realities related to the treating of car accident injuries.

This has led to efforts to eliminate this no-fault system in the state. The state’s house and senate are each considering a bill which would repeal the PIP system. Both bills have made some progress in their respective chambers.

These bills do not just raise the question of whether the PIP system will continue in the state. They also raise the question of what this system will be replaced with if it is eliminated.

Both the house bill and the senate bill would replace the PIP coverage requirement with a bodily-injury coverage requirement. However, the two bills vary in what minimum coverage amounts they would require and whether there would be an additional coverage requirement on top of bodily-injury coverage.

One wonders what the state’s legislature will ultimately decide to do with the state’s auto insurance system. Do you think the PIP system should be repealed? If so, what sort of system would you like to see it replaced with?

If a new auto insurance system does get put in place in the state, one wonders what impacts it will have for drivers and what kinds of issues come up for them in the wake of an accident.

The insurance claim issues related to car accidents can be quite complex. Sometimes, a car accident injury victim ends up in a dispute with an auto insurer over claims issues. Skilled insurance dispute lawyers can assist auto accident victims with navigating such disputes.

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