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Woes within Uber could lead to its downfall

Millions of Americans throughout the United States, including many from West Palm Beach and the surrounding area, are familiar with Uber. Uber is an app that allows self-employed independent contractors to log in to their app and accept ride requests from nearby riders in need of a lift. The app utilizes GPS technology to partner up nearby drivers with riders in need of a lift. While this concept sounds great in theory, the company is not doing as well as people might expect. A lot of that has to do with internal turmoil, including a very serious intellectual property suit against them.

According to many industry experts, the ultimate goal of Uber, as well as rival companies such as Lyft, are to take advantage of state of the art technology and utilize what may become a driverless car world. Uber has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into researching driverless cars, including the purchase of a company called Otto, which had been researching such technology.

The founder of Otto previously was a lead programmer and engineer at a company called Waymo, which is on the forefront of this new technology and has partnered with Lyft, Uber's rival. Uber then began to utilize this technology to advance their own research and development of driverless cars.

This, as one might guess, ultimately led to a intellectual property dispute and subsequent lawsuit. It still remains to be seen whether Uber will be able to thrive and survive this suit, but it should come as a reminder to everyone in business that business litigation suits could lead to very serious ramifications for a country. If you are involved or suspect you might be involved in a business litigation suit, it might be in your best interest to prepare yourself for battle with a strong business law team to fight at your side.

Source: Business Insider, "With its CEO out, the most exciting tech Uber's engineers are working on could be thrown into more turmoil," By Julie Bort, June 22, 2017

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