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July 2017 Archives

We are available to serve your business litigation needs

A well run business can be a profitable enterprise for a Florida resident to manage and can provide them with opportunities to see their products help serve the needs of members of their community and beyond. While many businesses run smoothly and can weather the occasional challenges that often befall corporate entities, some businesses are hit with legal challenges that may threaten their ability to exist. When business litigation matters arise business owners may need support working through their legal dilemmas.

Broker wins lawsuit over commission on power plant deal

In even a relatively straightforward real estate transaction, the buyer and seller are far from the only people involved. There are real estate agents, bankers and others, all helping to make the deal go smoothly, and, not coincidentally, take a chunk of the proceeds. In larger real estate transactions, there are many parties involved, all with large stakes in the sale. With these more complex financial ties come more complex legal ties.

Is there a single reason you're being singled out at work?

Are you one of many Florida workers suffering stress because of the way people at work treat you? If you survey workers throughout the state (the nation, even) you likely would find no shortage of stories involving various types of discriminatory behaviors in the workplace. Determining whether your particular situation (as uncomfortable as it may be) is also a legal problem can be challenging. There specific laws governing workplace discrimination, most of which have something to do with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


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