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Drunk driving accidents are a big issue in Florida

Law enforcement officials throughout the state of Florida take many proactive steps to keep drunk drivers off of the roads. They patrol for affected drivers and set up sobriety checkpoints to look for individuals who may be too intoxicated to operate their motor vehicles. They run anti-drunk driving campaigns to educate Floridians on the dangers of driving while under the influence and enforce the state's drunk driving laws to deter individuals from getting behind the wheel when inebriated.

These steps, though, are not enough to keep all Florida residents safe from the dangerous actions of intoxicated drivers. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 8,400 people were killed in the state from drunk driver crashes between 2003 and 2012. This alarmingly high figure is supported by the state's higher than average instance of drivers reporting that they have driven when they were probably too intoxicated to safely do so and the state's rate of death per demographic age group exceeding all national averages of similar data.

The information provided by the CDC only relates to drunk driving fatalities and does not include the many devastating and life-changing injuries that other victims sustained in drunk driving crashes during the same 10 year period. An accident with a drunk driver can leave a victim with a lifetime of pain and suffering as well as the accompanying medical bills that may be required to recuperate and carry on life as normally as possible.

Criminal sanctions often apply to drunk drivers but civil compensation may also be awarded to victims who choose to pursue their claims through personal injury causes of action. Readers who would like more information on how lawsuits stemming from drunk driving accidents work are encouraged to talk to personal injury attorneys in their communities about their cases.

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