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Permits can be a means of avoiding future building conflicts

Once a Florida resident decides that they want to build their own home or business space it can be difficult to slow down and fully understand the many requirements that must be met before a structure can be erected. Putting up a new edifice can be exciting and nothing may seem more boring than reviewing the mandatory permit and zoning regulations that dictate how buildings must be constructed and where they must be situated. However, it is in the interest of all parties who plan to put up new construction projects to take the time before their projects are underway to become knowledgeable about these and other important real estate rules.

Past posts on this blog have discussed zoning and how communities are laid out to ensure that similar types of construction are grouped together. Put simply, residential structures tend to be built near other residential structures, businesses get grouped with other businesses and industrial and agricultural enterprises find themselves separated from other kinds of entities.

However, once a person knows where they may build their new structure they must comply with building codes applicable to their physical locations. Building codes exist to ensure that new structures meet certain safety standards and that they do not pose threats to individuals who may enter them or exist near them once they are completed.

In order to secure a building permit that allows them to put their structure up, the builder of a structure often must first submit a plan of their proposed construction project to municipality that regulates building in the location where the project will occur. Different governments have different requirements for what they require to obtain building permits and readers are asked to find out what specifically they must do to obtain building permits in their communities.

The failure of a party to obtain a building permit before setting up their structure can lead to serious challenges down the road when it is discovered that the builder failed to comply with local rules and regulations. Real estate disputes can arise from building permit problems and when they do individuals often enlist the help of real estate attorneys to support them through their legal dilemmas.

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