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What is a boundary dispute?

Even though the sprawling landscapes of Florida residential properties may seem to seamlessly transition from one to the next, individual residential properties actually have their own boundaries. These boundaries may not be visible but based on land surveys and records a person can find close to or the exact location that their property ends and a neighbor's property begins.

This is important information when a boundary dispute arises. A boundary dispute is a conflict between individuals over where the limits of a property extend. For example, neighbors may get into a boundary dispute if one wishes to build a fence but the other claims that the proposed fence site is actually on their land.

In such a situation the disputing parties may wish to seek out the property surveys for their land. A property survey provides a physical description of the dividing line between two parcels. While modern surveys are often accurate and decipherable, individuals whose land has not been surveyed may find that their surveys are based on landmarks that no longer exist. In these cases establishing boundary lines may be more challenging.

If they are able to, the disputing parties may wish to simply agree that a certain marker will divide their property, such as an existing row of trees or other physical barrier. If the parties are able to make such an agreement they should consider working with a real estate attorney to ensure that their established property is properly deeded to them.

There are other methods of resolving boundary disputes. Individuals who find themselves stuck in these sometimes frustrating legal situations are reminded that real estate attorneys can provide superlative assistance in to their boundary dispute-facing clients.

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