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An overview of damages after a vehicle accident

Victims of vehicle accidents can suffer many types of incident-related harm. They may wind up spending significant amounts of time in Florida hospitals as they recuperate and incur lengthy medical bills as a result. They may be unable to work because of their accident-related limitations and lose income from their inabilities to hold down jobs. Additionally, it is possible to experience fears and apprehensions regarding driving or riding in cars and find that the quality of life is diminished in the wakes of their ordeals.

All of these forms of injury and loss can be categorized into different types of damages. Damages are the financial compensation that accident victims receive when they receive awards from the courts. In Florida, damages may be considered special or general.

Special damages are economic damages. These are losses that can be quantified, such as the actual costs that a person had to pay to receive medical treatment for their accident-related health problems and the costs needed to repair or replace their vehicle. Special damages are recoverable in personal injury cases.

General damages are non-economic damages. They are subjective and will depend upon the individual victim. General damages apply to the pain and suffering that a victim incurs from an accident as well as the fears, apprehensions and other emotional trauma that they sustain.

Damages are an important aspect of a car accident or other personal injury case. They are the means through which a victim may be made whole in the wake of a life-changing event. It is important that a victim comprehensively includes all of their damages in their pleadings to ensure that the judgment they receive is sufficient to fulfill their post-accident needs.

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