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Distracted driving is a dangerous practice

It is no surprise to readers of this Florida legal blog that individuals are busier than ever. Some people find it almost impossible to keep up with their family commitments, work responsibilities and social calendars without engaging in a significant amount of multitasking. But there is one activity that individuals should never do while focusing on other responsibilities and that is driving.

When a driver is doing something other than paying attention to the road then they are engaged in the dangerous practice of distracted driving. Distracted drivers hurt and kill many Americans each year and their distractions take on many different forms. While texting and driving and using a cell phone while driving are major forms of distraction, so too may be eating while driving, speaking with passengers and checking maps or global positioning devices while driving all also constitute distractions.

A driver who drives while distracted and causes an accident can face criminal charges and citations for their conduct. However, they may also be liable to their accident victims for the damages and harm that they inflict due to their negligence, and a criminal charge does not prevent a driver from facing civil liability as well.

Personal injury claims based on negligence can provide ailing car accident victims with options for seeking compensation from the distracted drivers who caused their losses. As different accidents may give rise to different causes of action it is important that accident victims receive case-specific guidance on their unique legal matters. Distracted driving is a major problem for many accident victims but since it covers a wide range of conduct the individual faces each case must be evaluated on their own legal merits.

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