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What is unfair competition?

In athletics different sports organizations have in place protocols to ensure that individual athletes and teams do not reap unfair benefits through the use of banned substances, equipment that does not meet regulations, and other deceptive practices. For example, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency tests athletes from a variety of fields to ensure that they are keeping their sports free and clear of illegal drugs and performance enhancing substances.

These organizations have their protocols in place to make sure that sports are competed on fair playing fields and without allowing some to benefit to the detriment of others. In business, similar protocols are set up in Florida state and federal law to make sure that some corporate entities cannot act illegally to harm other businesses or even consumers.

Unfair competition laws prohibit businesses from engaging in practices that hurt the financial well-being of other businesses or the consumers who use the business's goods or services. For example, a business may not steal the trade secrets of another business and use them to put the other out of business. Also, a business may not make false claims about their products to entice buyers to purchase their goods when in fact their products cannot deliver on what the business said they could do.

Businesses should not benefit to the harm of others and when they do they may face unfair competition lawsuits from the parties they hurt through their deceptive practices. Businesses that are facing claims of unfair competition or that believe others have acted unfairly with regard to their rights may benefit from seeking the advice of business litigation attorneys in their communities.

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