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Actions that may show bad faith in denial of an insurance claim

After an accident or other stressful event, a Florida resident may take comfort in knowing that they have insurance to help them recover from the harm that they suffered. After submitting their paperwork for their insurance claim, they may discover that their request was denied. While not all insurance claims are valid and compensable, those that are and that are denied may have been subject to bad faith practices by insurers.

Bad faith insurance practices happen when claims that should have been paid are not and the reasons for not paying them are unreasonable. Those who have experienced this difficult situation should know that they have rights. Individuals who are struggling with this frustrating and costly form of legal trouble may want to contact legal professionals who practice this specific form of law for detailed assistance on their unique cases.

However, there are a few common actions that insurers take that may constitute bad faith. For example, an insurer that does not provide an explanation for why a claim has been denied may be acting in bad faith. Similarly, an insurer that distorts facts or insurance policy information to justify a denied claim may have used bad faith in its actions.

Bad faith can arise from insurers that ignore claims, that fail to respond to claims and that fail to investigate claims. Having one's insurance claim denied can be frustrating, but if the basis of the denial was bad faith it may also be actionable. Insurers that engage in these illegal practices may be compelled to remedy their erroneous ways and provide payments to the individuals whose valid claims were wrongfully denied.

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