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Actions that may show bad faith in denial of an insurance claim

After an accident or other stressful event, a Florida resident may take comfort in knowing that they have insurance to help them recover from the harm that they suffered. After submitting their paperwork for their insurance claim, they may discover that their request was denied. While not all insurance claims are valid and compensable, those that are and that are denied may have been subject to bad faith practices by insurers.

Actions of insurers that may constitute bad faith

When an accident happens and a Florida resident has to contact their insurance company about recovering under their policy, that individual may expect prompt service and information that will help them work through the process of becoming whole. While in many cases insurers act reasonably and perform as they should under the agreements that they make with their policy holders, in some situations insurers act with bad faith. Bad faith involves dishonesty and engaging in unfair practices.

Bad faith leads to denied insurance claims and policy holder harm

In the last few weeks Americans have watched as Hurricane Harvey ripped through the Gulf of Mexico and slammed communities throughout Texas. Florida residents are all too familiar with the devastation that hurricanes can cause and the terrible challenges that accompany the rebuilding process in the wake of utter and complete loss. One saving grace for individuals who live through natural disasters such as Harvey is their insurance. Insurance policies can provide victims of disasters with the financial support they need to rebuild their lives and move forward.

Will the PIP system soon be a thing of the past in Florida?

Florida’s auto insurance laws can have big impacts on the state’s drivers. For one, they dictate what insurance coverage drivers are required to have. Also, they can impact what sorts of insurance issues come up for drivers when they end up getting hurt in a car accident.

Knowing your options can be important with auto insurance

Individuals can have many different options regarding auto insurance. This includes a wide range of options when it comes to what insurance provider to have a policy with. Auto insurance providers can vary in many things, including in what rate they would charge a given individual. For example, providers can differ quite a bit in what sort of rate discounts they make available. What auto insurance rate a person has can have significant financial ramifications over time.

Winter driving hazards and insurance coverage

Dangers abound in winter driving conditions, particularly during heavy rainstorms. When traffic risks are high, Florida drivers want to know that their insurance companies will act in good faith to cover car repairs, medical expenses and other costs that may be accrued after an accident.

Insurance difficulties can come up for start-ups

You’ve decided you’re finally going to do it. You’re going to take that unique business idea you have and turn it into a business. In this exciting time, it can be important to not only think about the potential of your new business, but also the risks that could come up in connection to it. Unique businesses can raise unique risks. Given this, when it comes to new start-ups, insurance matters can be important.


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