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You shouldn't fear losing your job because you're pregnant

Having a child ought to be an exciting time in your life. Perhaps you have been trying to get pregnant for a while, and now that you are, you can't wait to meet the newest addition to your family. However, it appears that people at work are treating you differently now and may even express concerns that you can't adequately perform your job duties due to your pregnancy.

What can you do if an employee violates a non-compete agreement?

As a Florida business owner, there are several legal tools available that you can employ to protect the interests of your business. One of these tools is a non-compete agreement, a type of contract that can make sure your business-related private information stays where it belongs, even if an employee goes to work somewhere else in the future.

Avoid the financial ramifications of a breach of contract

Business contracts are part of the foundation of business success, and it can have a negative domino-like effect on your company when the other party violates the terms of an agreement. As the offended party, you do not have to accept breach of contract issues as simply part of the price you pay for doing business; you can fight back.

Is there a single reason you're being singled out at work?

Are you one of many Florida workers suffering stress because of the way people at work treat you? If you survey workers throughout the state (the nation, even) you likely would find no shortage of stories involving various types of discriminatory behaviors in the workplace. Determining whether your particular situation (as uncomfortable as it may be) is also a legal problem can be challenging. There specific laws governing workplace discrimination, most of which have something to do with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Never simply shake on it in the construction business!

Gone are the days when two Florida business owners could have a little chat over a cup of coffee, then part ways with a smile and a handshake and a solid deal, with nothing in writing. Nowadays, many business owners find themselves in the throes of embittered disputes with no leg to stand on in court because they never put anything in writing. It's not that verbal agreements are not binding; they may well be. However, they're also notoriously difficult to prove in court.


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