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Vehicle accidents can result in fatalities

Although today's motor vehicles are built with a bevy of standard safety features, it is a sad fact that Florida residents die every year in collisions on roads and highways. Many of these accidents are caused by the poor driving choices of other motorists and the negligence that individuals practice when they allow distractions to take their attention off of their driving responsibilities. A death from a motor vehicle accident can be compensable, though, and may require a wrongful death lawsuit.

Drunk drivers cause accidents and fatalities in Florida

A drunk driving accident can result in significant damage and hardship in the life of a victim. That individual may have to suffer through years of recovery in order to mend their injuries and overcome their fears of being involved in a life-altering crash. For others, surviving a drunk driving accident may not be a guarantee. Fatalities from drunk driving crashes in Florida are both devastating and common.

What constitutes a hit-and-run car accident?

When vehicles collide on Florida roads, it is customary for the drivers of the involved automobiles to speak after their accident. During their interaction, they often exchange important information, such as their names, addresses and phone numbers. They may also exchange information related to their vehicle insurers, as well as the name of any passengers who were present in their vehicles. When serious accidents occur these formalities are skipped as injured victims are rushed to hospitals for treatment and care.

Chain-reaction crash injures 8 on Florida state road

When weather conditions change Florida drivers have to be prepared to alter their driving tactics. This can mean slowing down when visibility decreases, using caution when rain makes roads slick, and reducing distractions when traffic is heavy. Failing to alter one's driving habits in the face of changing conditions can be disastrous, just as it was recently on a Florida state road.

Distracted driving is a dangerous practice

It is no surprise to readers of this Florida legal blog that individuals are busier than ever. Some people find it almost impossible to keep up with their family commitments, work responsibilities and social calendars without engaging in a significant amount of multitasking. But there is one activity that individuals should never do while focusing on other responsibilities and that is driving.

An overview of damages after a vehicle accident

Victims of vehicle accidents can suffer many types of incident-related harm. They may wind up spending significant amounts of time in Florida hospitals as they recuperate and incur lengthy medical bills as a result. They may be unable to work because of their accident-related limitations and lose income from their inabilities to hold down jobs. Additionally, it is possible to experience fears and apprehensions regarding driving or riding in cars and find that the quality of life is diminished in the wakes of their ordeals.

Palm Beach-area accident leaves one dead

Speed may have been the cause of a devastating two vehicle accident that recently killed a Port St. Lucie woman. The victim was 23-years-old and was making a turn in her car when her vehicle was hit from the side. The T-bone accident was caused by a 22-year-old man who collided with the left side of the victim's vehicle.

You should not have to pay for another person's negligence

Not long ago this West Palm Beach legal blog offered a post regarding the role that negligence plays in many vehicle collisions. Drivers who drive while drunk, distracted or otherwise unfocussed cause serious and sometimes fatal collisions with other motorists who cannot avoid confronting them. Drivers owe a duty to the individuals with whom they share the roads and when they fail in that duty they expose themselves to possible legal claims for damages.

Negligence is often the cause of car accidents

Vehicle accidents are called accidents because they are usually caused by drivers who are not paying enough attention to the important task of operating their cars, trucks or sport utility vehicles. While some road incidents may occur due to intentional conduct, such as when an aggressive driver allows road rage to control them and they intentionally collide with another vehicle, most accidents on Florida roads happen because drivers are not paying attention to what they are doing.

Attention to detail is key to vehicle accident litigation success

Car accidents can happen to anyone practically anytime that they are out on Florida's many roads and highways. A driver's failure to yield, failure to check their blind spot, failure to brake in time and many other failures of proper driving conduct can result in dangerous and sometimes fatal vehicle collisions. After an automobile crash a victim may feel helpless to seek the compensation they need to pay for their accident associated medical bills, replace their lost wages and repair the property that was damaged when a negligent driver set their life into a damaging spiral.


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