Skilled Litigators In State And Federal Court

Like people, law firms develop particular strengths. At Reid Burman Lebedeker in West Palm Beach, our strength is in civil litigation. We protect the interests of corporations and individuals in South Florida and throughout the state.

Over the years, our firm has developed a reputation for successful outcomes in commercial and business litigation, insurance disputes, zoning and land-use issues, employment law, and personal injury law. Our attorneys have become leaders within their respective areas of practice.

The Strength To Protect Your Interests

Your choice of a law firm to represent your interests is one of the most important decisions you can make in a civil litigation case. It is a decision that should be weighed carefully after you have seen the results the attorney has obtained in cases similar to yours. We invite you to contact our firm to learn more about our law firm and what we can do for you.

We are a boutique civil litigation law firm with a track record of successful outcomes in Florida and Federal courts. Our successes in the courtroom mean that we often can obtain a favorable outcome in negotiations with the other side.

For More Information Or To Schedule A Consultation

Although we are based in West Palm Beach, we are available to represent clients statewide. To schedule a consultation, call 561-659-7700.